Manage online application lifecycle

Manage online application lifecycle From student signup to Admission & Documentation

Student Engagement during application process

Whatsapp is using very crucial part in higher Ed. It can use to keep applicants up to date about the status of student application to enrollment journey...More

education crm to manage student application process

Student receives acknowledgment for application while counsellors are alerted. Application journey is initiated, this tracks progress and triggers pre-configured corrective messages if required

Counsellors qualify application for academic credentials as well as compliance on information requirement. On  Meeting requisites, application is submitted for Deans Evaluation

Deans' Office or equivalent accesses the qualified applications from the Academic console, verifies details and decides on Admission. Academic console also has pre-configured messages to students that communicate acceptance or rejection

On admission acceptance from Academic console, counsellors get notified and they continue interaction with prospective students for onboarding procedure

Documentation & Approval Communications

Keep a repository of on-brand messaging. Approval Form is to be used for securing and documenting approvals

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Omni-channel tech stack  for admission management and direct to student audience building. Omni-channel tech stack for admission management and direct to student audience building

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