Online preschools optimize conversion

How can online preschools optimize conversion from social media leads?

Facebook and Instagram are effective lead-gen channels for online preschools and teachers of foundational skills. While social media returns a large number of leads, these cannot be treated as qualified prospects.

Automate first contact. It is important to for brands to across as responsive, automating first contacts on Text, Whatsapp or Email is a non intrusive way of informing the prospects that we are taking them seriously

Invite Prospects to Experience your product. Invitation to free trial classes reveals a school's confidence in their offering and when a parent accepts it, they signal their intent to spend more time with the brand


Elly at Home is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious.



The Koala Pre School Curriculum is a blend of Maria Montessori, STEAM & the 5E's

Which social media channels are ideal for online preschools?

With online preschools targeting young parents exclusively.. facebook and instagram stand out in their coverage of this demographic

Can preschools generate leads on FB messenger and other messaging channels?

Most messaging channels prevent lead generation activity and cold messaging through their usage terms. Messaging channels are ideal for engagement not for lead generation.

Can preschools use Ai to improve their conversion?

To effectively use AI based pattern analysis and modelling, schools must have large volume of data. Online platforms that 1000 + leads each day may explore this option.

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Omni-channel tech stack  for admission management and direct to student audience building. Omni-channel tech stack for admission management and direct to student audience building

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