Automated student engagement

Student Engagement

Well designed Student engagement can evolve into a platform for student interactions and content contribution. From timely nudges on academic assignments to interactive call to action on content contribution and knowledge sharing , student engagement on messaging platforms could set the tone for a modern collaborative institution....More

Process Automation Workflows for Education

Ai powered automation that can reduce manual intervention in routine processes like  student - teachers information share, administrative tasks, fees and course based query handling, document verification and more. RPA flows are designed to serve all stakeholders like students, parents, educators and staff....More

Process Automation Workflows for Education

Onboarding process can benefit from RPA

Admission Process automation is a carefully crafted implementation of ML algorithms that evinces positive patterns from student interactions and behaviour signals. Admission process by it very nature is slotted between qualification and onboarding, hence augmenting the qualification process with empirical data provides valuable insights into which leads deserve higher counselling time....More

onboarding process automation
GNIMS Mumbai, uses Whatapp channel for interactive student alerts and administration animation
What are the application Robotic Process Automation in Institutions?

RPA has applications in academic and non academic streams. Clearly Non Academic activities like Admission processing, document verification and certificate related tasks are ideal candidates to start with

How institutions are using robotic process automation?

RPA is being increasingly leveraged in higher education to develop more sophisticated, modern and administrative operations.

Can Admissions Process benefits from RPA?

Admissions process can use RPA to qualify and score incoming enquires. Considering the seasonal nature of admission queries, RPA is a handy tool to handle high volumes during enrollment seasons

Why Robotic Process Automation for Education Industry?

Course Registration, Shortlisting and Enrolment Process, Attendance management, Schedule meeting scheduling, timetable updates, equipment reservations, updates scheduling etc

Why choose Askadmissions for your RPA adventure?

We help the education industry stay competitive by automating Academic, non-academic, and all other functional processes

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Omni-channel tech stack  for admission management and direct to student audience building. Omni-channel tech stack for admission management and direct to student audience building

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