Chatbot on Institution Website and
other Messaging Channels

Location Specific Engagement Personalization on Web Chatbot

How can Chatbots help Instituions?

Chatbot is an Ai assisted micro application that engages its users in unmoderated conversations. Askadmissions bot is designed to handle admission enquiries for institutions. Ask admissions automates the first level interaction between prospective students and parents with schools, colleges, universities and institutions

Can Facebook Messenger Chatbots help in Conversions?

World Messaging market is split between Whatsapp & Messenger. US, UK and some parts of Europe use Messenger over any other messaging App. Institutions targeting students from these areas as well as those who advertise heavily on FB and Instagram may benefit from FB Chatbot

Where is an Admission Chatbot deployed? can engage prospective students on Your Institution Website, Whatsapp and on SMS - Text

What are Admission Chatbot Anyway?

Admission Chatbots are Ai assisted micro applications that engages potential students in free flowing conversations about admissions.

Where do Admissions Chatbots Operate?

Institution website is the primary host of admissions chatbots, considering students tend to visit the official website atleast once during admission evaluation process. In addition to website, bot can also operate on Whatsapp and FB messenger and other social channels .

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Omni-channel tech stack  for admission management and direct to student audience building. Omni-channel tech stack for admission management and direct to student audience building

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