Generating Course qualified leads through outbound campaigns

Post Exhibition Marketing

The Secret to better exhibition ROI.Taking an in-depth look into your marketing activities

Marketing Qualified Leads

Mastering Lead Qualification. Lead meets the requirements to purchase product or service.

How can one apply Robotic Process Automation in Institutions?

RPA has applications in academic and non academic streams. Clearly Non Academic activities like Admission processing, document verification and certificate related tasks are ideal candidates to start with

Does RPA Involve AI?

Most RPA sequences involve congnitive functions like Undertsanding text, classifying image or processing live video feed to name a few. RPA flows tend to tap AI to fullfill the cognitive steps

Can Admissions Process benefits from RPA?

Admissions process can use RPA to qualify and score incoming enquires. Considering the seasonal nature of admission queries, RPA is a handy tool to handle high volumes during enrollment seasons

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Omni-channel tech stack  for admission management and direct to student audience building. Omni-channel tech stack for admission management and direct to student audience building

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